Objectives of National Apps Trainers and Apps Development Program (NATADP)
1. By providing the appropriate training, 500 skilled personnel to be built up to develop effective apps and the strategy to develop skilled trainers for further training and to have employed or work as a freelancer.

2. By using Bangla mobile apps the generation, especially the remote people would be under coverage of government service, rules and be self-reliant by enhancing their consciousness.

3. To link up and conduct between the developed mobile apps users and to propose a guideline and policy thereof for the government based on the user’s feedback.

4. To increase health awareness by developing informatics and footage based apps on mother and child’s health.

5. To increase awareness among people by using information and communication technology.

6. To create the environment for decent investment in this sector by enhancing the interest among all are involved in the mobile apps industry by establishing strong network between the government, private entrepreneur and developer society.