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মাইক্রোক্রেডিট রেগুলেটরি অথরিটি


মাইক্রোক্রেডিট রেগুলেটরি অথরিটি is an informative app. It’s basically about MRA. The Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) has been established by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under the "Microcredit Regulatory Authority Act 2006” to promote and foster sustainable development of microfinance sector through creating an enabling environment for NGO-MFIs in Bangladesh. It contains the following information such as Main Menu, Home, About Us, and Microcredit in Bangladesh, Acts and Regulations, Circular Letters, License Info of NGO-MFIs, Enlisted CA Firms, Career Opportunity, Customer Complaint, Disclaimer, External Links, Citizen Charter