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ন্যাশনাল প্রোডাকটিভিটি অর্গানাইজেশন (এনপ


ন্যাশনাল প্রোডাকটিভিটি অর্গানাইজেশন (এনপিও) app is an informative mobile application which provides its users with necessary information regarding the services, functions and activities, duties and responsibilities of the National Productivity Organization (NPO) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh along with information about its organizational structure and other useful information, namely, contact details and location on the Google map. All of the information fall under these features mentioned below: • General information about NPO (Homepage) • Organizational information of NPO • Management and Officers • Activities and Programmes • Training Facilities • Downloads • Photo Gallery • Focal Points and Contact Information • NPO location on the map