BSTI Product Check


This App has been designed to help its user to find different kinds of products which have BSTI approval. The users can check authenticity of a product which is claiming to have BSTI approval. This App displays necessary information about a product like— its brand name (if has any), product’s license number and validity of the license number, etc. This App has three different sections (options) where product information is sorted by their names, cities and license number. The user can find a product’s information by searching their names; can find the list of available products having BSTI approval in his/her city. Professional users can use the product license numbers to search for specific products. This App will help the users and the consumers to be aware of the products which are safe to use and consume. This App’s user interface (UI) has been designed based on Android Lollipop UI, which gives this App a new and polished, as well as a user-friendly look.